Which is which?

In December 2022,  Dr Cristina Juan was again in Manila to visit the  Intramuros  and meet up with Ms Lou Revilla-Baysic, San Agustin’s Museum and Library Collections manager and conservationist and see how the 1762 archive project is progressing. After that  initial visit in June 2022,  we are happy to report that much has been

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Research Aids

As the 1762 archive project works towards fully annotating selected texts in the corpus, we have been using the following research aids for transcribing and translating 16-18th c. Spanish texts. Transcribing Abbreviations This amazing online tool is the best out there. It lists common words that are abbreviated in official Spanish documents and gives their

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Conference on the British Invasion of the Philippines at SOAS

  In September 2022, SOAS held its annual Philippine Studies conference titled The 1762 British Invasion of Spanish-Ruled Philippines: Beyond Imperial and National Imaginaries This  year’s iteration of the Annual Philippine Studies Conference at SOAS was chaired by Dr Cristina Juan (SOAS) with Dr  Christina Lee (Princeton University). Being both co-directors of the 1762 archive

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